Infrared Sauna

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 45 Minute Single Sauna Session $60
A 45 minute session best for relaxation and recovery.  This option is great for those looking to take advantage of the infrared light therapy without a training session or group fitness class.

30  Minute Post Workout Sauna Session Add-On $40
This option is for those who have just finished a training session or group fitness class and are looking for a relaxing recovery session to decompress and recoup.

To book an add-on session, please call 912-307-9203 or talk to your trainer.

Schedule a Sauna Session

Our sauna room has been created for privacy and complete relaxation. Water and towels are provided as well as a personal changing area. Bluetooth technology in the sauna allows you to choose your own listening experience. We recommend wearing a bathing suit or workout clothes and bringing a change of clothes for after your sauna. Showers are also available.

What are infrared saunas?

Instead of steam or flame-stoked heat, infrared saunas use infrared lamps and electromagnetic magic to create warmth. The process allows infrared saunas to operate at a lower temperature while still providing therapeutic benefits. The lamps in infrared saunas focus a penetrating warmth directly on your skin to bring heat-therapy benefits. Traditional methods crank up the air temperature within an entire sauna.

Those two approaches bring up vastly different readings on thermometers. Temperatures in infrared saunas typically land between 110 degrees Fahrenheit and 135 F (43.33 degrees Celsius and 57.22 C). A traditional sauna usually falls between 150 F and 195 F (65.55 C and 90.55 C).

Infrared sauna health benefits

 Studies show that infrared saunas can help boost heart health and reduce blood pressure. Researchers equated the physical response of an infrared sauna session to walking at a moderate pace.

Sooth sore muscles: The improved blood circulation brought on by an infrared sauna session can help speed up muscle recovery following physical activity. Regular use may even help athletes improve performance and raise VO2max.

Pain relief: Researchers found that infrared sauna therapy “may be a promising method for treatment of chronic pain.” The determination followed a two-year study where people showed improved outcomes with the treatment.

Relax: Warming your body seems to warm your soul, too. Setting aside some sauna time may help decrease depression, anxiety and stress. Basically, think of it as a meditation session in warmer temperatures.

Sleep: A bonus benefit to being more relaxed? Better sleep, which has also been linked to sauna use.

Fight off illness: There’s evidence that regular sauna use can reduce oxidative stress which is associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer and degenerative diseases like dementia.

More controversial are claims that sauna use can provide a detoxification effect as you sweat out toxins such as cadmium and lead. More research is needed to support this claim.

Source: The Cleveland Clinic

Five Golden Stars on Transparent Background

“Wow, great investment! I wasn’t sure I would like it, but I really enjoyed it. I used it for about 15 minutes after a workout and I feel relaxed, calm but also energized. I’m not sore at all after lifting. I’ll definitely use it a on a regular basis.”