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Savannah Sport & Wellness provides opportunities for companies to offer health and wellness programming to inform and guide employees. Healthcare costs can be high particularly for preventable and chronic diseases. With the help of our workplace wellbeing programs, companies and employees can implement strategies to mitigate these costs with actionable tools for better overall wellness. It is well researched that such programs in the workplace can save the company and its employees money by raising awareness and implementing healthy lifestyle habits which in turn, reduce insurance costs, medical bills and sick days while increasing productivity and job satisfaction.

Wellness Lunch and Learn Topics (Individual or Bundled)

  • Introduction to Well-being
  • Nutrition: Fads, Myths and Facts
  • Understanding Vitamin & Minerals
  • Cardiovascular Exercise (Interactive)
  • Strength Training at Any Age (Interactive)
  • Balance & Flexibility (Interactive)
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep: Foundation for Overall Health
  • Financial Wellness
  • Personal Safety
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle: Preserving your Environment
  • Finding Your Passion

Personalized Company Wellness Newsletters
Let us put together a customized, informational newsletter for your employees. Our newsletters are tailored towards your company so you can inspire your employees to make healthier choices.

On-Site Fitness
We know it can be difficult to make time for the gym. Let our trainers come to you! We can schedule on-site fitness for your employees to make sure that they can fit in a workout during the work day.

Discounts on Personal Training at our Studio
We offer discounts for our Workplace Wellness clients to come and train at our studio. We offer private training and group training so that your employees can work out in an environment that they feel comfortable in.

Company Wellness Challenges
Our Wellness Challenges provide important teambuilding exercises. These challenges encourage teamwork, communication, and resourcefulness – qualities that will translate to the workplace!

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