Dry Needling and Cupping


Dry cupping is performed by using plastic cups and a hand pump to create a distractive force under the center of the cup coupled by a compressive force under the rim of the cup. A common traditional Chinese medicine treatment, cupping is used for relief of muscular and myofascial pain, improvement of circulation to injury sites, and enhanced mobility of soft tissue.

The most accepted theory of how this works is that blood flow to the area is increased, promoting healing as well as decreasing muscle tone. Cupping has been shown to be more effective than heat, usual care, or conventional medicine in reducing acute and chronic pain, especially low back pain. Most importantly, though, cupping is a very effective form of treatment when used alongside traditional physical therapy and therapeutic exercise.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a traditional treatment that involves inserting a thin, monofilament needle into soft tissue to treat pain, loss of motion, and muscle dysfunction. Most commonly it is used with electrical stimulation by actually attaching electrodes to the needles after they have been inserted, delivering the charges directly to the affected tissues.

Dry needling is especially helpful for trigger point pain that causes myofascial pain patterns, but it can be helpful for generalized or neurological pain, as well. Dry needling has been shown to be more effective in reducing pain than cryotherapy, standard therapy programs, and stretching, while being more cost-effective than standard treatment and reducing healthcare costs in the long-term since less medication and fewer doctor visits will be needed to resolve symptoms. In addition, dry needling used on active patients has been shown to increase vertical jump height directly after treatment, and in the process of a regular needling program increase muscle endurance, range of motion, and maximal force output, and actually reduce the likelihood of muscle and tendon injury resulting from sport. This treatment is most-effective when coupled with an organized program of therapeutic exercise.

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood flow restriction has been shown to decrease healing time, increase bone density, and create the same amount of strength and size gains using light or no resistance as a heavy-lifting program. BFR essentially disturbs the homeostasis of the muscles to achieve these gains while causing very little damage to the muscles and eliciting a robust anabolic, or muscle-building, response.

Growth hormone from the pituitary gland is also increased significantly, which means that regardless of which limbs have the BFR cuffs applied, the whole body gets stronger. Additionally, blood flow restriction has been shown to increase endurance by both increasing VO2Max (by restricting the amount of blood and fluid the heart has to work with during cardio exercise and training it to be more efficient) and by increasing vascularization, mitochondrial content, and therefore exercise endurance of the muscles themselves. The use of BFR training, especially in addition to a standard strengthening program, can create and enhance full-body gains in muscle size, strength, and function, as well as overall endurance and cardiovascular ability.

The product that I use is called the B-Strong bands by HawkGripz. These cuffs are made in a way that ensures that blood flow cannot be completely cut off, making the system completely safe to use for up to 20 minutes at a time and up to three times a day without running the risk of injury (rest days aren’t necessary because the low workout loads means that the muscles aren’t experiencing mechanical damage that requires recovery). The product itself is safe and you would be in the best hands to make sure that you would not negatively affect your recovery as you progress in your treatment.

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