We are excited to bring you the latest in innovative recovery and wellness. Infrared sauna has been scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, relieve pain and sore muscles, burn calories, decrease blood pressure and release endorphins. Our private sauna room offers a relaxing experience, towels and water are provided and Bluetooth is available for you to play your favorite music or podcast while you sweat!

What is the Infrared Sauna and what are its benefits?

According to the Mayo Clinic, an infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to make heat. A regular sauna uses heat to warm the air, which in turn warms your body. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you, giving reactions like those caused by moderate exercise, such as vigorous sweating and an increased heart rate. 

The sauna is a great means of post workout recovery and aid to improving athletic performance with the use of heat and infrared lamps. Additional benefits of the infrared sauna include muscle recovery, pain relief, relaxation & better sleep quality along with immunity health. Studies done on the heating effects of the skin while in the infrared sauna after just 30 minutes of relaxing have shown improved blood circulation for muscle recovery, a decrease in depression, anxiety and stress and a reduction in oxidative stress that is associated with cardiovascular disease.

About our Infrared Sauna

The Sunlighten Infrared Saunas are clinically proven to raise the body’s core temperature by 3 degrees during a 30 minute session, which is the most beneficial to our overall health. The infrared waves in our sauna have been perfected to bring the safest, quickest, and most effective sauna experience. Infrared’s healing rays are felt on our skin as warmth and are absorbed by our bodies to help them relax, improve circulation, recover faster, sleep better, age well and help us feel good. Within the infrared spectrum, there are wavelengths that we can see (light) and ones we can’t (heat). There is infrared light therapy, but our sauna is only heat – no visible red-light waves. There are also benefits to the three different wavelengths that our sauna provides, as some commercial saunas (and most home saunas) only have Far Infrared Waves.

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Additional Benefits

  1. Infrared heat therapy temporarily reduces blood pressure and improves circulation by exercising the heart. For athletes, it can also raise V02Max levels. 
  2. The infrared heat brings more oxygen to the body’s cells for faster muscle repair and pain relief.
  3. Often considered “the fountain of youth,” infrared waves increase circulation, purify and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.
  4. Boost your mood and ease into a state of relaxation with the release of endorphins and serotonin for a purely relaxed and rejuvenated state of mind.