Torriano Brooks, Massage Therapist

We are excited to welcome Torriano Brooks Jr., LMT, to our massage therapy team! Wether you’re looking for a sports massage therapist or deep tissue massage, Torriano’s got your back! And your front, and your legs … you get the idea. A note from Torriano:

“I specialize in massage modalities including deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point release, and Active Release Technique, Thai massage, and Acupressure. I graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, am certified in Advance Sports and Orthopedic Massage and am licensed in Georgia and New York. I am very adaptable and can make adjustments upon request. I welcome all of those who wish to treat any chronic pain and/or acute areas due to work, lifestyle or sports. It is my pleasure to be your licensed massage therapist and to have you leaving my treatments feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and reinvigorated. 

Personally, my background includes football, track and field, weightlifting and boxing.”

Book your appointment with Torriano by emailing us at or call 912.307.9203.